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Vital Directions for Health and Health Care

JAMA Viewpoints and Editorials

Vital DirectionsThrough the Vital Directions for Health and Health Care Initiative, the 911 Academy of Medicine called onmore than 150 leading researchers, scientists, and policy makers from across the United States to provide expert guidance on 19 priority focus areas for U.S. health policy. In conjunction with the discussion papers, the published 2 editorials and 19 Viewpoints that coincide with each discussion paper. Read them below. Learn more: NAM.edu/VitalDirections Twitter:

Special Communication


  • ; Author: Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH
  • ; Author: C. David Naylor, MD, DPhil

JAMA Viewpoints

Papers in the Vital Directions series are organized around three overarching goals for the United States: better health and well-being; high-value health care; and strong science and technology. Browse theJAMA Viewpointsbelow.

Launch Viewpoint:

Better Health and Well-Being

High-value Health Care

Strong Science and Technology

To read the full discussion papers click here.

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